The true story of an African American police lieutenant who pierced the cloak of judicial immunity in America.

A Powerful Story

A malicious judge. A cop who can’t look away from injustice. A system turned upside down.

… peers gave [Harris] hero status … a status he so deserved.

Outcry Review

Harris’ story, A Reason For Being, is one of a young black cop who challenges racial injustice from within the system. In doing so, he holds to question the core values of our very legal and political structures in America.

The Book: A True Story of Social Justice

If we are fighting for social justice, A Reason For Being should be with us all — in it, Harris lights the flame for true equality, by never looking away, no matter what the personal cost.

From chilling reprisals to a dramatic courtroom climax, the book ignites within us too, the power to take a stand.

Who is Sylvester Harris?

Sylvester Harris is an African-American author and former police lieutenant known for his landmark civil rights case against a judge. The case (Harris v. Harvey) is the first time a judge was sued and lost in a civil action in the United States.

The one man story of how the civil rights movement reached a dead end.

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