The Landmark Court Case

If you could read those transcripts it would stun you. It would stun you that in America, this kind of haranguing of a witness could occur by an ‘impartial’ person.
— Attorney Paul Gossens.

The landmark case of Harris v. Harvey is the first time in the history of law in the United States that a sitting court judge has been successfully sued and lost in a civil action.

The cop (police Lieutenant Sylvester Harris) garnished the judge’s wages during the lengthy appeal process that eventually ended with a $260,000 settlement. This case tells the story of a defamed cop who pierced the cloak of judicial immunity, winning top recovery against a sitting court judge.

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This case is being offered to individuals and institutions of higher learning across the country as documentation which answers the questions as to why this was a landmark case, and how it proceeded to change United States Law.

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Civil Action in Federal Court – $225.00
Transcript of Proceedings and Jury Verdict

U.S. Court of Appeals – 7th Circuit – $150.00
Decision and Order
National Law Journal
Decision of the 7th Circuit

United States Supreme Court Case – $125.00
Petition For Writ of Certiorari
Opposition to Petition for Writ of Certiorari
Brief Amicas Curiae of the State’s Attorney
General United States Supreme Court Decision