The true story of an African American police lieutenant who pierced the cloak of judicial immunity in America.

… peers gave [Harris] hero status … a status he so deserved.

Outcry Review

A Powerful True Story

A malicious judge. A cop who can’t look away from injustice. A system turned upside down.

Harris’ miraculous true story, A Reason For Being, brings us into the life of a young black cop who sees injustice in every corner of the law system.

In his relentless pursuit to bring accountability to the police force, Harris sets off a miraculous chain of events that leads to a landmark court decision (Harris v. Harvey), in a case that is taken all the way to the Supreme Court.

The Book: A Reason for Being

If we are fighting for social justice, A Reason For Being should be with us all — in it, Harris lights the flame for true equality, by never looking away, no matter what the personal cost.

From chilling reprisals to a dramatic courtroom climax, the book ignites within us too, the power to take a stand.

Who is Sylvester Harris?

Sylvester Harris was an African-American author and former police lieutenant known for his landmark civil rights case against a judge. The case (Harris v. Harvey) is the first time a judge was sued and lost in a civil action in the United States.

The one man story of how the civil rights movement reached a dead end.

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